So You Need Some Writing Done?

Like what ya see here? You can hire me!

Hire Me! Rachel Sasser

I realize this is a photo of me with camera. Don’t exactly have a lot of photos of me typing…

Freelance Writing Services

Need super readable content for your website or business?

I can create blog posts, draft some awesome sales copy, and produce the web content you’re looking for.

I’ve collaborated with multiple businesses to their boost online presence and attract customers. If your website, blog, or email newsletter needs some smart, fun, and informative writing, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

I’ll do the research. You can just chill.

Oh, and I’ll SEO the hell out of it for you!

(Don’t worry, the snark and sarcasm you see here on my own blog is optional.)

Check out my Upwork profile where you can have a look at my portfolio and reviews from satisfied clients!

Then send me an email – rachel @ – and we can discuss whatever you need!

Trip Planning

Need someone else to do the research?

If you’d like me to plan the perfect travel day based on your destination, interests, and tastes, send me a message!

I’ve budgeted and planned over two years of travel, food, and accommodation around the world. All by myself.

While I usually focus on the best local cuisine, I can tailor a trip to your specific desires!

Impromptu, affordable tapas crawl? Market and DIY street food tour? Check and check!

Just tell me what you like!


If you’re a cool company you think my readers would like, contact me about affiliate marketing or advertising opportunities to discuss rates!

Just drop me a line via email or head over to the Contact page!