About Rachel

Hey, I’m Rachel!

And I quit my job to travel. Yeah, another one of those

Welcome to the blog! Here you can read my attempts at being funny posts about travel and food (mostly). You might also enjoy watching me figure out how to sustain a life of budget travel while freelancing from a laptop and adjusting to not making a lawyerly paycheck anymore. Snark and sarcasm is included totally free!

Check back often to see the places I go, what I’m doing, and what I’m eating on the road. It should be interesting because a year and a half of travel later, I STILL have no idea what I’m doing or when I’ll be going home!

This blog is for you if you need some inspiration for your travels or just wanna hear my totally honest thoughts about life in transit, budgeting, being cheap, and generally uprooting your whole life voluntarily. And I’ll be real with you about how things change once you leave home for a while!

About Me - Trailing Rachel

Some background info on me if you’re still reading:

I’m a twenty-something lawyer, and I was working in Raleigh, North Carolina before deciding to hell with it, I’m young, I want to travel, so dammit let’s do it (you can read more about that here). I’m from a small town in Eastern North Carolina, but I’ve been constantly trying to see more of the world one way or another.

I decided to make that happen now rather than later.

How am I paying for this? What is my job?

I saved up A LOT before I quit my lawyer life and left for South America in October 2015.

Next I flew to Southeast Asia where I spent a lot of time in cheaper countries. In the fall I headed to Europe, hitting Spain and France, before flitting over to the Balkans, which are amazing (and much more affordable). After a brief visit home, I spent time in Nepal and India (also cheap) before heading back to SEA for the holidays.

I subscribe to a budget of $50 USD per day – maximum – and yes, I’m still making monthly payments on my student loans.

Now I’m traveling New Zealand (not cheap) in a station wagon with a British guy. I’m freelance writing online to earn some cash, save up, and figure out where I’m heading next! Location independence is the dream and the end goal.

A few other things worth noting about me (now you’re definitely not reading anymore):

I love spicy food, day drinking, small plates, warm weather, and meeting new people from far away places. I’m always down for steak tartare, Thai food, and fancy hot dogs (you know, the kind with lots of fun toppings). I prefer to wear jean shorts and eat street food… simultaneously if that’s an option. I love the beach and I’m into markets.

About Me - Trailing Rachel

During undergrad, I studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and it got me hooked on the idea of international travel, not to mention international cuisine. Then I did the whole law school thing (was it a mistake? maybe). After taking the bar exam, I headed to Thailand for a short trip and it sparked in me this idea of long-term travel. I had this unshakable desire to see new places around the world, and after an unhealthy amount of travel blog reading, I decided I should just go.

I have zero regrets.

And yeah, I love to cook and eat… Naturally, I take a lot of food pics.

I hope you’ll follow along here on the blog to see what I get into during my travels. Subscribe below for my monthly newsletter and links to my (extremely too thorough) budget!

“If at some point you don’t ask yourself, ‘What have I gotten myself into?’ then you’re not doing it right.” – Roland Gau